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Native America in Elkhart Lake


ONSITE INTERESTS INCLUDE: Atlatl & Flint Knapping Demonstrations - Artifact Identification - Slide Presentation - Gift Shop - Greeting Cards & Souvenirs.



open the door to the past and step back through time....

Come for the fishing and stay for the museum; come for the museum and stay for the fishing!  Anyway you look at it—the Henschel Site is a WONDERFUL place to get outside and enjoy some family fun!

When you arrive at the Henschel Site, you will be greeted with smiles and welcoming arms.

The museum is full of both artifacts found on the Henschel site and the surrounding area, as well as collections on loan.

The ancient springs that feed the trout ponds no doubt was a source of fresh water for the indigenous peoples of the area.


Since the first Henschel homesteader settled in Sheboygan County in 1849, the family's land has yielded evidence of 10,000 years of human occupation. Today the Henschel collection is one of the most complete in Wisconsin. These items - chipped stone tools, projectile points, ground stone tools, bone tools, copper implements, and pottery - trace the lives and times of the original culture inhabiting the area.